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OpenMarkets continues its Educational Broadcasts with a new session on how the Guthrie Health System has revamped and improved their capital process and equipment buying. This session is coming up on September 26th, 2018 at 1 pm EST! Register now to attend.

A little over a year ago, Guthrie Health, a 4-hospital IDN in Sayre, PA, recognized the opportunity to improve their capital process and equipment procurement strategy. The finance and supply chain team knew they could improve transparency, efficiency and the bottom line with a better approach to the deployment of capital dollars.

Julie Godfrey, VP of Finance at Guthrie, stated:

“We needed to improve our approach to the capital requisition and tracking process in order to streamline the process for not only our finance and supply chain teams, but also for our operational managers, administration and our reporting to governance in support of capital allocation and capital planning decisions. OpenMarkets changed that for us, as they walked us through the capital process improvements in a straightforward, measured way. We were able to quickly align finance, operations and supply chain leaders and train over 200 users. It’s remarkable how much more transparency and visibility we have. The financial impact is beyond our expectations and everyone is happy with how much waste we have removed from the process which in turn has saved time and money.”

In this 60-minute educational broadcast, the Guthrie Health supply chain and finance team will join OpenMarkets to talk about how they improved their approach and the success that’s followed. With equipment requests spanning over 300 unique categories, it used to be impossible to run a standardized, centralized capital process. The hospitals and departments simply weren’t on the same page. Now they are, and the lessons learned by Guthrie can help other healthcare providers to improve their system as well. 

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OpenMarkets also hosts weekly webinars to show Healthcare Providers around The Exchange and explain new features to enhance the platform’s ease of use. These webinars are hosted at 12 pm CST on Tuesdays.