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The way healthcare equipment is being purchased is evolving. For healthcare providers, the first main change involves increased use of online resources.

Statistics from HIMSS show that healthcare is actually ahead of other industries in the shift to B2B digital buying channels:

  • 94% of healthcare equipment buyers research product features online first
  • 90% of healthcare equipment buyers identify suppliers online
  • 82% compare products online2 

This is the new normal in healthcare. Buyers expect product information to be online and accessible in the platforms they use. 

Healthcare Providers Large & Small Are Researching Online - But Doing So For Different Reasons

At OpenMarkets, we work with healthcare providers large and small. In analyzing data and equipment purchasing activity, two major differences jump out. 

  • Large health systems research online to find information on a specific product they intend to buy, and they are more likely to turn inside their organization for support. Standardization and contracts are important. 
  • Small healthcare providers, such as community hospitals and surgery centers, research online to create new equipment options. These organizations seek out new suppliers, demo units and refurbished options. 

If your organization is seeking to improve how you approach the capital procurement process, send us a note at and describe your challenges and we’ll pull some specific data to help you understand the opportunity for improvement. Whether you’re a supplier or provider, there’s always upside to using new equipment procurement data to discover, analyze and better connect with all.

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