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In an article by Jeff Lagasse in Healthcare Finance News, Premier surveyed healthcare C-suite executives to find out what their priorities are given the uncertainty in healthcare. The primary focus: cost management, accomplished by increased productivity, reducing supply chain inefficiency, and lowing pharmaceutical costs as well as clinical variation.
These are the findings of the survey:

With a focus on managing costs,

  • 65% of hospital executives said they intend to increase, perhaps substantially, their efforts to control cost of care management.
  • No respondents planned to decrease their focus on the management of pharmaceutical spending, though 61% said they plan to increase focus in this area.
  • 53% said they increase pressure to integrate data from disparate sources or make investments in analytics.
  • 50% said they will increase efforts to improve interoperability of existing technology
  • 47% said they’d increase technology utilization to support risk-based contracts

Focusing on risk and scale,

  • 45% said they plan to expand post-acute care services through partnerships
  • 40% said they step up their use of expanded healthcare teams to include care coordinators, clinical pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and more
  • 46% of respondents said they will increase usage of quality reporting systems for clinicians for public payers

To read the article in its entirety, click here.