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Russell Witte is the Director of IT at the Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, TX. He’s a key stakeholder in their capital process and part of the team enabling a smarter approach to equipment procurement.

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OpenMarkets is proud that Citizens Medical Center implemented CAP Connect in their workflow. We asked Russell to share his OpenMarkets experience with us, and tell us how he uses the software in their supply chain process.

The Challenge

“Before OpenMarkets, the capital process at our health system was very manual. One of my biggest frustrations was that I could create a capital request (CER) that would contain all of the information associated with the purchase and required supporting material. We had to take it from one person to another to get sign-off. That process involved a ton of paperwork and things got lost along the way and were impossible to track. Having such a laborious and inefficient process cost us time, extra work and frustration.”

Having to deal with lost documents, a long purchasing cycle, a lack of status updates, and constant backtracking made it evident that the supply chain process at Citizens was failing and needed to be addressed.

Creating a Best-in-Class Solution

“We knew we needed to centralize, streamline and automate how we coordinate capital requests across our system. We knew we couldn’t do this alone.”

Citizens Medical Center went live with the OpenMarkets CAP Connect platform to manage their capital process in May 2015. As a full capital management solution, CAP Connect unites an organization on one central, transparent platform. Citizens uses CAP Connect for capital budgeting, workflow, requisitioning, supplier research and data-driven purchasing.

“The system is really straightforward to use, and we were able to get our people comfortable with it right away.”

The Results

“OpenMarkets was vital to improving transparency at Citizens by centralizing our communication. The platform helped us shorten our capital purchasing process by keeping everybody on the same page. I also love the fact that OpenMarkets is mobile-friendly and I can approve capital requests on the go.”

After implementing OpenMarkets CAP Connect, Russell was able to take advantage of data-driven purchasing support, transparency with finance and supplier teams, maximization of buying power, and automation of capital planning and management.

“The biggest benefit to me and the others in our supply chain is the amount of time we’re saving, the peace of mind that the process is being addressed, and that I don’t need to collect a book of information and carry it around, only for it to get lost.”

CAP Connect software helped Russell completely eliminate lost documents and shortened their capital purchasing time by 80%. Russell also takes advantage of numerous features that enable centralized communication within his organization like automated approvals and status tracking.

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