Hitachi Health Americas, a supplier in the OpenMarkets Community, finalizes merger with Fujifilm

Hitachi’s digital imaging products - now under the FujiFilm brand - are available in OpenMarkets

Tokyo, March 31, 2021 — FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation (President: Akio Yamamoto, “FUJIFILM Healthcare”)today announced that FUJIFILM Healthcare joined the Fujifilm Group and started operations after Hitachi’s diagnostic imaging-related business was transferred to FUJIFILM Corporation as of March 31, 2021.

In the new organization, Teiichi Goto, Director, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Medical Systems Business Division of FUJIFILM Corporation will concurrently serve as the company’s chairman, along with Akio Yamamoto, the President of FUJIFILM Healthcare, who has led Hitachi’s diagnostic imaging-related business. FUJIFILM Healthcare will expand the business globally as the core business of the Fujifilm Group’s healthcare field.

FUJIFILM Healthcare is globally expanding its diagnostic imaging-related business centered on medical equipment such as CT and MRI, including Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems equipped with world-leading innovative technologies. Despite intensifying global competition, the diagnostic imaging-related business is expected to see steady growth due to aging populations and increases in chronic diseases in developed markets, as well as demand for improved levels of healthcare alongside economic growth in emerging countries.

As FUJIFILM Healthcare joins the Fujifilm Group, it will build a solid business foundation and expand business scale to accelerate business growth and strengthen competitiveness by complementing Fujifilm’s wide product lineup centered on medical IT, enhance synergies with digital technologies such as AI, and integrate the customer base. FUJIFILM Healthcare will create new value in healthcare by providing innovative products and services as a company that develops the medical system business that will support the growth of the FUJIFILM Group.

About FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation

FUJIFILM Healthcare, as a comprehensive medical equipment manufacturer that meets the evolving needs of customers, by providing research and development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of diagnostic imaging systems (CT, MRI, X-ray systems, Ultrasound) and Electronic Medical Record. FUJIFILM Healthcare offers products used in a wide range of field ranging from medical examinations to diagnosis and treatment, based on the corporate philosophy of “creating new value in healthcare and contributing to a society where people can live in good health with smiles.” It creates new value and contributes to the development of medical care and the maintenance and promotion of people’s health.

(1) Name FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation

(2) Registered office 2-1 Shintoyofuta, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan (Head office: Ueno East Tower, 2-16-1, Higashi-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

(3) Representative Chairman: Teiichi Goto President: Akio Yamamoto

(4) Outline of business Research and development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of diagnostics imaging systems (CT, MRI, X-ray systems, Ultrasound) and Electronic Medical Record

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