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Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center in Safford, AZ is a 49-bed acute care hospital three hours from the nearest airport. It’s the type of community hospital critical to patient care access, yet hard to reach for sales reps and product educators.

Community hospitals like Mt. Graham need equipment too, and are increasingly finding OpenMarkets to be the creative, comprehensive solution to access product information, create visibility into clinical needs and buy at the right price. 

As a part of the OpenMarkets Community since 2013, Mt. Graham uses OpenMarkets in a variety of ways:

  • Research products & suppliers
  • Create visibility into clinician’s equipment needs
  • Get quotes for equipment
  • Negotiate final prices
  • Buy equipment 

Let’s take a look at a recent transaction between Mt. Graham & Lakeside Manufacturing, a mobile transport & storage solutions manufacturer from Wisconsin. 

The Emergency Room Director at Mt. Graham needed a pediatric crash cart. Like 94% of today’s B2B healthcare buyers, she began her buying process by researching options online. For the clinical teams at Mt. Graham, this means going onto OpenMarkets to review suppliers and products. 

From there, the ER Director created a request on OpenMarkets for pediatric crash carts. Lakeside Manufacturing was one of the 3 suppliers providing quotes. Nicole Brown, the Mt. Graham Materials Management Director, jumped in to assist the ER director in finding the right product at the right price. 

“Working with Lakeside on OpenMarkets was easy-peasy,” said Brown. This was the first time Lakeside and Mt. Graham have worked together. 

Other community hospitals are finding value working with Lakeside on OpenMarkets. Just this week, the team at Regional One hospital in Virginia created a new working relationship with Lakeside via OpenMarkets. Lakeside beat out several other cart manufacturers by quoting Regional One within 24 hours - and closing the business within 72 hours! 

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Tom Derrick

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