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In a notoriously inefficient market, more Providers and Suppliers are using The OpenMarkets Exchange to navigate the healthcare equipment marketplace. As a transparent and data-centric online platform, The Exchange provides an essential solution to connect with suppliers, get quotes, and research equipment to buy/sell medical products efficiently and at the right price.

Providers like Allen Parish Hospital, an acute and specialty care hospital in the OpenMarkets community since Spring 2018, are demonstrating commitment to working more efficiently online. “Our goal with OpenMarkets is to save as much money as possible,” said the Director of Finance for Allen Parish.

Using the platform, Allen Parish is easily meeting suppliers & getting equipment quotes. This helped the finance & supply chain teams to buy a cardiac ultrasound last spring and to get quotes for a vaccine refrigerator from Alternative Source Medical, VWR and American Instrument Exchange.

The Exchange is now also helping them to sell a chemistry analyzer.

Allen Parish is one of many community hospitals ramping up usage of The Exchange. They are doing so because negotiating online benefits both providers and suppliers by saving time and money for both parties. The providers can connect with multiple suppliers at once and receive more than one quote at a time. For Suppliers, The Exchange is beneficial because it allows them to connect with Providers all over the country online when the buyers are ready. 

With over 30,000 products and 900+ categories, healthcare providers can find any product they need on the OpenMarkets Exchange.

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