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Dynatronics, a leading supplier of advanced rehab technology & equipment, just keeps delivering for the hospitals and healthcare facilities in the OpenMarkets Community.

As one of OpenMarkets’ Top Performing Organizations for Q3 AND Q2, they continue to be a top notch supplier by responding to providers and generating quotes fast & easy. This has led to a variety of successful deals on The Exchange with hospitals from every GPO, including Healthtrust, Vizient, ROi, Premiere, and Intalere.

Let’s take a look at some of the successes hospitals & facilities have had working with Dynatronics on The Exchange:

• An independent hospital in Weirton, WV needed a budgetary quote for a SCIFIT Upright Bike, and Dynatronics responded with 4 separate quotes within 3 days of the request being submitted, resulting in a transaction!

• A health system in Wichita, TX was looking for a Recumbent Elliptical and was connected to 3 suppliers on The Exchange. Dynatronics kept up with the conversations, giving updates on the progress of the quotes and ensuring that all necessary details were given so as to provide the most accurate quote. They were able to beat out the other two suppliers and win the business!

• Another large health system in Texas was looking for a Hydratherm and like always, Dynatronics responded quickly after the initial request was submitted and beat out three other suppliers for the win!

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