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The OpenMarkets Exchange simplifies how buyers & sellers of equipment can communicate together online and get to the right price. Let’s review how healthcare providers can employ Best Practices when negotiating on The Exchange:

Step 1: Login and navigate to The Exchange.

Step 2: Negotiating the best price starts by creating multiple options early in your procurement process. The Exchange makes this easy; simply check off the “similar options” and “refurbished options” boxes when you first create a request. Having these extra options is critical to establishing your future Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

Step 3: When creating a new request, lay down your terms with suppliers. The “general notes” field is the right place to signal to suppliers that you intend to pay a reasonably low price and will be evaluating multiple options.   

Step 4: Once your request is submitted, you can negotiate individually by clicking on any one Supplier Conversation. Just click on the specific request and look for the Supplier Conversation  


Step 5: Ask for more discounts! Be direct and you’ll find suppliers will respond in kind. This will help everyone save valuable time. 


Time-Saving Tip: If you’d like to negotiate en-mass with all suppliers, use the Request Status feature to instruct them to provide best pricing all at once. 

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