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With all of the dust and other pathogens in the air kicked up from construction projects, it is more important than ever for hospitals to prevent against hospital acquired infections (HAIs). OpenMarkets Supplier HEPACART® Infection Control Technologies, expert on infection control, describes the importance of an anteroom as an added measure to prevent patients from dust and other airborne pathogens. 

The HEPACART® anteroom is a HEPA filtered, negative-air chamber to isolate workspace from patient space. These reusable anterooms are the most efficient and best way to provide temporary dust containment and infection control in high risk healthcare environments.

The HEPACART® Anteroom is an external aluminum passageway that serves as an entryway into any larger room undergoing maintenance, renovation, or construction. It provides total room isolation, reducing risk of patient exposure to airborne contaminants.  Attach a Negative Air Machine on either side of the enclosure to provide air filtration, dust collection, and infection control. 

Using an Anteroom can provide savings for hospitals by replacing alternatives like disposable plastic sheeting, and is cost effective because of its use for both emergency and non-emergency purposes. The Anteroom is made of 99% recycled aluminum, making it an environmentally friendly choice for hospitals. 

Hospitals can purchase the Anteroom as well as other HEPACART® products on The Exchange.