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In 1990 on the outskirts of Prague, LINET was founded with the hope to create a better hospital bed. LINET strives for innovation through both technologies and design to create a hospital bed that creates better patient outcomes while making a healthcare provider’s job easier.  

OpenMarkets values innovation in healthcare equipment and connecting providers with suppliers, like LINET Americas, that will provide the latest technologies and designs to benefit the end user. LINET Americas makes caregivers, hospital staff, and patients' lives easier. OpenMarkets is eager to be the start of that connection.  

Some of LINET’s innovative products include:  

Eleganza 5 Acuity-Adaptable Bed – This acuity-adaptable smart bed is designed to reduce the physical burden of nursing while advancing early mobilization, reducing falls and pressure injuries.  

The Eleganza 5’s innovative features include:  

  • Mobi-Lift®: Built-in sit-to-stand device that allows for active participation from the patient during mobilization 

  • LINET’s Frame-Based Lateral Turn: Simplifies patient repositioning, aids in patient caregiving and improves caregiver ergonomics 
  • Ergoframe®: Reduces patient migration towards the foot of the bed and widens surface area under sacrum to decrease pressure 
  • i-Brake®: Brakes apply automatically after 60 seconds of being plugged in to reduce risk of falls




Sprint 100 Stretcher - The new Sprint 100 stretcher is a lightweight and durable stretcher that aids in the efficient and safe transport of patients. The Spring 100’s innovative features include: 

  • FlexiDrive: A retractable 5th wheel that helps to improve shock absorption and steering to improve patient comfort 

  • 2-IN-1 IV & Drive: IV poles that are specifically designed as push handles, making them more durable and ergonomic 

Linet Stretcher Sprint 100


Find more of LINET Americas’ beds, stretchers, and other furniture on the OpenMarkets Exchange today.  

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