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Buying refurbished equipment ensures that healthcare providers get high-quality equipment from their favorite manufacturers while being able to put more money back into their organization. This is especially important for smaller, specialized providers like Iowa Specialty Hospital & Clinics in Belmond, IA. 

One of the successes Iowa Specialty found on the OpenMarkets platform is when looking for 14 Brewer 6500 Access High Low Exam Tables for one of their new centers.

After submitting the initial request-for-quote (RFQ), Iowa Specialty was connected with 12 Suppliers and received more than 10 quotes for the tables. After reviewing all the options on the OpenMarkets platform, Iowa Specialty decided to go with the quote from Alternative source Medical. ASM supplied their first quote just a day after Iowa Specialty had submitted the request, and they closed the deal efficiently and effectively by attaching product brochures and staying in communication with the team throughout the whole process.

Through their deal with ASM on OpenMarkets, Iowa Specialty Hospital was able to purchase $65k worth of refurbished Brewer exam tables for their new center! 

About Alternative Source Medical:

Alternative Source Medical is a leading medical and surgical equipment provider that supplies new, used and professionally refurbished equipment.  They have access to the finest, most reliable equipment from various industry-leading medical equipment manufacturers.  Alternative Source Medical has been awarded the first right of refusal with reputable health care systems, OEM trade-ins and major medical leasing companies. They further provide expert support, around-the-clock service and impressive warranties.