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OpenMarkets CEO Michael Fineberg discussed the struggles and opportunities of today’s capital equipment market in an article published February 27, 2017 in the Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

“As much as 50% of the price of a piece of capital equipment can be [attributed to] vendor SG&A,” said Fineberg. He continued by suggesting that transparency and automation in the capital equipment acquisition process could reduce that amount significantly.

Fineberg dives in to the major pain points that both healthcare providers and equipment suppliers are experiencing in the transaction process, and why transparency and data-sharing can help alleviate these issues. You can read the article in it’s entirety here.

OpenMarkets believes that improving the relationship between buyers and sellers of healthcare equipment will remove significant waste from the $80BN capital market and reduce healthcare costs for patients. The newest OpenMarkets platform, the Exchange, facilitates better provider/supplier collaboration with features like instant messaging and a centralized platform to track files and communication.

Learn how the Exchange is being used to enable efficient and intelligent transactions, and contact us for a demo today!

Tom Derrick

Tom leads a range of core functions for OpenMarkets, including strategic partnerships and marketing. Prior to OpenMarkets, Tom served as a senior communications director for... More about Tom Derrick