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Some understandable, unrelated and ironic healthcare purchasing going on this week at Kern Valley Healthcare, as this California hospital uses the The Exchange to purchase both clinical exam tables and an electric deep fryer.

Let’s start with the grease. Kern Valley’s supply chain team has been working with the food service directors to spec and purchase an electric deep fryer. Using The Exchange, the team at Kern was immediately connected with three (3) potential suppliers. Douglas Food Equipment, a distributor based in West Virginia, was able to quickly collaborate with the team and provide a quote. Kern Valley evaluated Douglas alongside their local supplier, ultimately awarding the PO to Douglas. All online, all on The Exchange.

Soon afterwards the Kern supply chain team used The Exchange to re-engage with York, PA based Clinton Industries. The hospital had decided to purchase four (4) clinical exam tables originally spec’d and budgeted last summer.

By jumping back in The Exchange, the supply chain team was able to pick up where they left off. The budgetary quotes, conversations and product specs were all organized in The Exchange. Issuing the PO became easier.

This was Clinton Industries’ first transaction with Kern Valley. In business since 1979, Clinton is a women-owned, Made-in-America small business. Clinton is known as one of the industry’s best sources for a wide range of well-built, practically-priced, medical, physical therapy and athletic training equipment.

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