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Every Tuesday at 1 pm EST, providers across the country can tune into a webinar hosted by OpenMarkets and be shown around The Exchange. The webinars discuss what’s new and different on The Exchange by going into the system and giving a demo. If providers have a specific item they’re looking to buy, the demo can be centered around it so they can see the more realistic and applicable way they’ll be using the system.

The webinar on Tuesday, August 14 was joined by the team from Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center, who desired some tips on how best to use The Exchange to find and buy new pediatric crash carts. Tom Derrick and Ryan Stahulak from OpenMarkets showed Emily from Mt. Graham around The Exchange, explaining new features such as teammate features and request status. Request statuses are helpful because providers can let suppliers know where they are in the quote process without having to deal with needy reps. 

Emily has done research on OpenMarkets for equipment but had not purchased anything big yet, and until the webinar had forgotten that she could research on The Exchange. Totally normal for any busy professional!

Tom and Ryan reminded her of the process using pediatric crash carts as an example. Emily learned how she can research info on over 30,000 equipment products, seeing spec sheets, pictures and concise, informative descriptions.

Regarding the research process, Emily said:

“I just researched the cart we already have, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best one - researching on OpenMarkets is a much better way to do it,” and that “Armstrong is not the only option out there.”

This allowed her to not only research Armstrong carts (the supplier she currently has), but to also see a comparison to Harloff as well as an opportunity to browse the other cart suppliers on The Exchange:

Alternative Source Medical


Blickman Industries 

Bryton Corporation

Capsa Healthcare

Clinton Industries 

Direct Supply

Douglas Equipment 

First Healthcare Products 


Lakeside Manufacturing 

MAC Medical 


Medical Device Depot 

Mid Central Medical

Novum Medical Products

Quantum Medical 


Telemetry HC

Check out the rest of our suppliers here, and you can sign up here to use the Exchange!