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OpenMarkets, the collaborative platform for healthcare equipment, announced today that LINET has joined the OpenMarkets community of healthcare suppliers and providers. LINET’s partnership with OpenMarkets optimizes the content and technical details associated with all LINET products in the OpenMarkets platform, such as their innovative line of hospital beds, like the Multicare high acuity bed, and the Eleganza 3.  Now, providers in the OpenMarkets community will be able to access detailed specifications, images, videos, white papers and more. 

In addition to populating the directory with product content, LINET will be utilizing OpenMarkets for sales and marketing specific analytics, lead generation, and seamless communication with supply chain and clinical stakeholders across the nearly 200 hospitals in the OpenMarkets community. This increased access and business intelligence will reduce the notably high cost-of-sale healthcare suppliers experience, which translates to greater value for all parties.  

With increasing pressure in healthcare supply chain to reduce costs and lower spending, providers are turning to platform solutions like OpenMarkets to augment their equipment procurement process. 

“A supplier’s time can be directly correlated to a provider’s cost,” says Trevor Wood, SVP of OpenMarkets.  “Giving suppliers smarter, more efficient access, and the ability to directly communicate with providers saves significant time.  Buyer/seller communication is a cumbersome process – fragmented email chains, misplaced quotes and undocumented revisions, unattended meetings –these things happen every day.  A centralized hub to manage both sides of the communication drives efficiency and ultimately cultivates a more effective marketplace for all.”

The OpenMarkets platform is the first of its kind in the healthcare supply chain, revolutionizing the way equipment is bought and sold by providing all stakeholders with easier collaboration, automation and intelligence.


Tom Derrick

Tom leads a range of core functions for OpenMarkets, including strategic partnerships and marketing. Prior to OpenMarkets, Tom served as a senior communications director for... More about Tom Derrick