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It’s easy to go with the market share leader when buying radiology and imaging equipment. However, these suppliers may not always be giving you the best deal - their huge marketing budgets make it easy for them to shadow other suppliers whose products may be just as good (if not better), but lack the resources to promote themselves as well.  

Fortunately, the equipment procurement process is quickly moving online.  This can make it easier for you to learn about new products and supplies, and expand your options.

Researching and getting quotes for imaging equipment online, through the OpenMarkets platform, allows you to see the latest and greatest equipment from all suppliers - not just the marketshare leaders. This means you can quickly and seamlessly connect you with numerous imaging suppliers

Here’s a look at some of the suppliers you can work with on OpenMarkets - and the categories they work in:

Digirad • Camera (Gamma)

• Imaging (Mobile)
Diversatek  • Imaging 

• IT (Software)

• Test Equipment (Manometry)

• Test Equipment (pH Meter)
Faxitron Bioptics • Imaging (Probe)

• Imaging (X-Ray, Specimen)

• Lab Equipment (Viewer)
Fujifilm  • Camera (Surgical)

• Cart (Imaging)

• Endoscopes

• Imaging (Image Processor)

• IT (Monitor, Clinical Display)
Hitachi  • CT Scanner


• X-Ray

• Ultrasound 

Come meet some of the imaging suppliers at open markets - not the market share leaders, but they offer great prices for their equipment!