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Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago’ Transport Team, recipient of the 2015 Association of Air Medical Services Neonatal and Pediatric Transport Award of Excellence, is well known in the Chicago community for delivering life-saving pediatric care for families. Transporting over 1,900 patients by air and ground a year, the team is comprised of highly accomplished critical care providers, dedicated to pediatric and neonatal specialties. 

Earlier this week, Danielle Baranowski and Kalissa Kakouros from the OpenMarkets sourcing team joined Lurie Children’s Hospital for a Chicago Ideas Week presentation, simulating a day in the life of the Lurie Transport Team as they transferred critically ill children to their hospital.  This demonstration allowed attendees to gain deeper insight into all the various details that accompany the emergency transport of young patients in critical condition.

The Transport Team experience began with a video clip of live footage on how the Lurie team saved the life of Bella Yakos, and how they handled the transport, changing the course of Bella’s life.  As Kalissa and Danielle walked through a patient’s typical path, they paid close attention to the important pieces of equipment that came together to support Lurie’s renowned team. Dr. Mark Adler, Attending Physician at Pediatric Emergency Medicine noted, “What we are trying to do now is leverage all our technology. Our primary goal is to deliver the best care back to our children.” From the Maquet Modutec surgery booms in the trauma rooms, to the Philips Intellivue MP50 physiologic monitors needed to track progress in the treatment rooms, the hospital is maintained with top-tier equipment for reliable clinical performance. Lurie is even equipped with a real-life simulation room for their team to “practice taking care of patients in a controlled environment, using closed-loop conversation with each piece of equipment touched,” explained Mark.

Indeed, Lurie Children’s leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering quality care. Their MEDEX ambulances are lined with stickers of every cartoon character imaginable to bring comfort to their young patients. Their GE Healthcare Giraffe OmniBed Carestations in the treatment rooms meet the most complex demands of the hospital’s youngest patients, newborns. Stryker stretchers, Verathon Glidescopes, and Armstrong crash carts were also found along the path.  In addition to the equipment, helicopters, ambulances, telemedicine devices, and helipads are all critical in executing patient rescue. 

This event allowed our team to gain an intimate understanding of the all of the parts that fall into place when a child in critical condition is transported to Lurie Children’s Hospital.  OpenMarkets was thrilled to take part in this Chicago Ideas Week presentation, and left feeling more inspired to further our mission of improving healthcare by reducing waste and inefficiency in the equipment market, allowing for more time, resources, and energy to be devoted to patient care. Thanks to Chicago Ideas Week and the Lurie Children’s Hospital Transport Team for the experience!  

Tom Derrick

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