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We love to recognize avid users of The Exchange, and today’s congratulations go to Medical Center Health System in Odessa, Texas!

The folks at Medical Center are experienced users of The Exchange and have had great success using the platform, saving both time and money. Project Manager Gregory Spence says that:

The OpenMarkets Exchange has made sourcing quotes for capital and other equipment items much easier than in previous years. The ability to correspond with multiple suppliers in one window as opposed to multiple emails or phone calls has provided our directors with a one-stop-shop for getting equipment and given them time back in their day. When we first started using the exchange at Medical Center, we saw the potential for savings of $18,000 just by receiving quotes for 8 requests from suppliers through the Exchange we might normally not have had access to.

Being able to connect with different suppliers gives providers more options for equipment. So far this quarter, Medical Center has had success working with Alternative Source Medical, Quantum Medical, Douglas Equipment (twice!), MarketLab, Lakeside Manufacturing, and ZRG

Key stats on Medical Center Health’s use of The Exchange within the past 90 days:

• 36 equipment requests submitted

• 65 suppliers connected

• 109 quotes received  

Cost savings is often a top priority for community hospitals. It can be expensive to direct sales teams to small hospitals - especially if the hospital is located in a rural area. Being able to move everything online can make a big difference. 

And here’s one final bit from Magaly Duran, Capital Buyer at Medical Center Hospital we love: 

Having one platform to sell equipment has been extremely beneficial for me. I was able to connect with suppliers I was not familiar with and compare various offers. The process to sell the equipment from the time I submitted the request to the time I had the check in hand was less than two weeks.