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Effective supply chain management doesn’t just cut down costs. Procuring the right equipment for your facility can also be the difference between retaining and losing patients. 

According to a recent story by Modern Healthcare, the equipment used in hospitals does in fact impact patient satisfaction levels. The study, conducted by the Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA), found that long wait times to see providers was the biggest complaint from patients. Beyond that, providers also must quicken diagnoses and raise the bar when it comes to care environments, the study revealed.

Equipment also plays a crucial role. “The speed of lab and diagnostic imaging equipment, as well as the efficiency of office management software, play a role in the amount of time a patient spends in an office,” said Gina Smith, Director of Business Development at HIDA. In the study, 37 percent of patients said they were unhappy that lab or imaging results couldn’t be seen during the actual appointment. Rapid tests and high-quality diagnostic equipment make this a possibility.

How equipment looks is also a factor. Worn or visibly dated equipment stands out to patients, and 40 percent of patients said their expectations were exceeded when a provider employed equipment that was up-to-date.

Patient opinions weren’t just lip service. Almost half of the patients surveyed said their provider did not meet their expectations last year, and from that, 12 percent moved on to a different provider. Millennials, age 18 to 35, were 156 percent more likely to change providers when unhappy.

Now more than ever, patient satisfaction must be taken into account, and the best equipment—at the right prices—will make a difference at your hospital. Accurate, real-time data is needed to inform smart purchasing decisions, and OpenMarkets provides hospitals the platform to make this happen. We provide the robust demand data necessary to internally aggregate and plan for purchases from manufacturers.

As hospitals look to increase patient satisfaction while striving for a more sophisticated level of supply chain management, OpenMarkets gives them the real-time data and information necessary to make optimal purchase decisions. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demo.




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