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It can be difficult to navigate all of your options when buying medical equipment, especially with so many big players in the industry. Companies like Hill-Rom and Stryker have huge marketing budgets, and entrenched, sophisticated sales forces. This all adds up and is a big reason SG&A (sales, general & accounting costs) is a whopping 51% for capital medical equipment. 

However, the best products, at the best price, often are available from smaller suppliers new to the market. But without the huge marketing budgets and sales forces, healthcare providers just may not know about them. It’s so expensive to sell in healthcare that these new suppliers don’t always have the marketing budget to communicate their value to the right people at the right time.  

Fortunately the equipment procurement process is very quickly moving online, and that can often mean skipping over new suppliers who may not have a strong online presence yet. Here’s what Tom Derrick at OpenMarkets has to say about it:

“It’s tough to find the latest and greatest healthcare equipment. Searching through Google is a mess of ads and links to the big suppliers with huge marketing budgets. By using OpenMarkets to research and create new options, it’s easier for clinical teams to evaluate the most current, innovative products.”

“Whether you’re looking for beds, lab equipment, or the latest bladder scanners - it’s all here on OpenMarkets. Even the new products from innovative manufacturers who put their money into R&D, not marketing.” 

Case in point: Linet is a major player in the hospital bed and stretcher market in Europe. They’re still relatively new to the US market, and med/surg nurses and other stakeholders still may not know about Linet’s products, leaving Hill-Rom and Stryker as an all-too-familiar fallback for bed projects. 

The team at Mt. Graham Regional Hospital in Arizona wasn’t familiar with Linet, and when they needed beds in 2018, simply defaulted to the usual round of calls, meetings and constant email exchanges with Stryker. Fortunately, an innovative member of the Supply Chain team decided to use the OpenMarkets platform to research additional options. They then met Linet, online, and began to recognize that there are great beds out there from new suppliers. (read the full story here

You too can use OpenMarkets to find suppliers new to the market, many with better products at a better price, including the following: 

Bayland Technologies - The industry’s leading refurbisher and wholesaler of both medical grade monitors and Vidar film digitizers.

C Change Surgical - A small US company that has advanced sterile slush with innovative automation that delivers much more (for much less)

EquippedMD - A turn-key equipment solutions provider that makes finding and equipping your facility with the right equipment simple and easy

Hepacart Infection Control Technologies - Manufacturer of productive, durable, job-flexible, safe, and sustainable infection control solutions

Linet Americas - Simple yet modern healthcare beds, cribs, surfaces and furniture

Mennen Medical - Manufacturer of cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology systems, as well as patient monitoring and clinical data information solutions

Novum Medical - Leading manufacturer and provider of healthcare equipment and furnishing, with a specialty in pediatric care

PT Medical Technologies - Provides disposition services for retired medical equipment, sales of New and Used medical equipment, and full BIOMED Services for all medical equipment

Scientific Air Management - Manufacturer of portable UV-C devices that attack and kill airborne pathogens

SERRES - Provides innovative, safe & cost-efficient products for medical fluid collection, management and disposal

SONO Advanced Ultrasound Solutions - Supplier of SONO disinfecting wipes

Spectrum Dynamics - Nuclear Cardiology in the 21st Century 

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