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Hospitals in the OpenMarkets community buy thousands of tables a year. This includes imaging tables, surgical positioning tables, exam tables, utility tables and more. In fact, OpenMarkets hospitals are currently planning over $7M in current table projects - many scheduled to be purchased in the coming weeks.

Working on The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM, these hospitals will be seamlessly connected to leading table suppliers.  For the 15 progressive manufacturers in the OpenMarkets community, hospital buyers will have access to high quality pictures, technical spec sheets and collateral on their entire product lines.

This includes veteran-owned Tri W-G, physical therapy specialist Dynatronics, and major manufacturers like STERIS. Another supplier in the community, Oakworks, just completed an imaging table transaction with Kettering Health Network. According to Brian Emmer, VP of Sales with Oakworks, “We give our best pricing to hospitals in the OpenMarkets community. It’s simply more efficient to sell to hospitals using OpenMarkets. This reduces waste on both sides.

“Working with Kettering Health Network was easier because we’re both in OpenMarkets. The deal closed in 10 days. This kept our cost of sale down and eliminated waste. And this turned into better pricing for the hospital.”

Hospitals can collaborate with any supplier in the market via The ExchangeTM. To learn meet any of progressive suppliers in the community today, simply register for credentials at

Tom Derrick

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