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OpenMarkets is the place to go when in a time crunch to buy equipment, and in some cases providers can get same day quotes to make the process even easier. The benefit of turning to OpenMarkets for last minute purchases versus going through the suppliers directly is that providers have the ability to compare quotes from different suppliers on one platform, rather than having to make multiple phone calls or get lost in email chains.

One clinic experienced this firsthand when making an urgent request for a refurbished Logiq E9 ultrasound that they planned to purchase the very same day. They found success with Meridian Leasing Corporation, who immediately supplied a quote within three hours of the request being submitted! Meridian beat out five other suppliers by providing a comprehensive quote that included pricing for delivery, training, and warranty. 

Meridian has success with another hospital in Iowa that was looking to purchase Sysmex CA-620 & 660 Systems from Siemens. Meridian responded quickly and took the time to schedule a call to discuss the full details with the hospital. The Exchange served as a great tool to ensure that the transaction was made efficiently. 

It’s so important to be connected with Suppliers who respond in a timely manner, especially for urgent requests such as this one. Cutting time out of the equipment procurement process leaves more time for patient care, which is the most important goal.

About Meridian Leasing Corporation:

Meridian Leasing offers leasing and finance solutions and subject matter expertise for an extensive range of medical, construction, material handling and IT equipment. As an independent lessor, Meridian Leasing offers guidance about equipment, vendor and financing alternatives without bias or compromise.