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Mindray is a global leader in Patient Monitoring and Life Support, Medical Imaging, and In-Vitro Diagnostics. One of their imaging systems, the Touch Enabled Ultrasound System (TE7), is on sale this quarter exclusively on OpenMarkets!

The TE7 supports rapid and confident evaluation of medical conditions at the bedside with its superior image quality, touch enabled screen, intuitive user interface, and fast boot-up time. The learning curve for staff is minimal, as the touch screen and interface make it easy to select exam presets and relevant functions. The screen has a locking feature, making it easy to clean during exams, and is even responsive with gloves and gel. 

Some of the TE7’s other features include:

• Fingertip control of imaging modes, measurements, and operating panel

• iTouch™ auto image optimization 

• Simplified workflow with focused POC exams

• Frequently used functions on top level screens for rapid assessments

• Wall mount or ergonomic cart

This TE7 is best in class, so make sure to get it while it’s on sale on OpenMarkets. Mindray is also offering deals on some of their other point of care ultrasounds, as well as a group buy option.