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We recently profiled The Guthrie Clinic saving $20,000 on a last-minute, emergency purchase of Olympus Bronchoscopes through the OpenMarkets Exchange.

Well it’s happened again.

Todd DeRoo, Associate Vice President of the Supply Chain at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Francis, jumped on The OpenMarkets platform when an off-site surgical clinic needed three (3) scopes. With collaboration from the key physicians and clinic managers, Todd used OpenMarkets to efficiently work with multiple suppliers at once.

For CHRISTUS TMF, each and every capital purchase starts and finishes on OpenMarkets. This allows for an efficient, seamless way for Todd and the team to find alternatives to buying brand new scopes from Olympus. Once the Administrator at this surgical clinic created this request, key stakeholders in the system were notified. This created transparency for the urology director, infection control specialists and the corporate supply chain and finance teams. The supply chain team at CHRISTUS has a history of successfully leveraging OpenMarkets to create cost-avoidance, so Todd knew to simply push a button in the system and open up this request to a few new suppliers.

Surgical Direct, a small-business manufacturer and distributor of cost-effective medical products, jumped in and offered CHRISTUS TMF three (3) remanufactured Olympus scopes. These items came with the warranty Todd was looking for and offered over $7,000 in savings.

All from pushing a button.

Job well done by both the CHRISTUS and Surgical Direct teams! Great work removing waste and inefficiency from the healthcare supply chain.

Providers can sign up to buy new or preowned equipment on The Exchange at no cost. It just may save you $7,000 too.