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Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center Selects Linet Over Stryker

Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center, an independent hospital in Safford, AZ was looking for OB labor beds. Using OpenMarkets, they were able to better compare products from multiple suppliers on the platform than through a traditional vendor fair.

In this case, Mt. Graham met Linet on OpenMarkets, and ultimately evaluated them head-to-head against their usual bed supplier, Stryker. Linet’s OB labor beds won over all the key stakeholders, including the Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Supply Chain team. 

As a result, Mt. Graham is entering into a new partnership with Linet for beds across the hospital. 

The birthing beds that Mt. Graham bought from Linet were the new AVE 2 birthing beds that had only been released 6 months prior to when Mt. Graham began their product research process. Tom Derrick of OpenMarkets points out why this is important:

“It’s tough to find the latest and greatest healthcare equipment. Searching through Google is a mess of ads and links to the big suppliers with huge marketing budgets. By using OpenMarkets to research and create new options, Cindy, Nicole and the Mt. Graham team made it easier for their clinical teams to evaluate the most current, innovative products.

AVE 2 Linet Bed

"Whether you’re looking for beds, lab equipment, or the latest bladder scanners - it’s all here on OpenMarkets. Even the new products from innovative manufacturers who put their money into R&D, not marketing."

This wasn’t the first transaction Mt. Graham has had with OpenMarkets - here’s what Cindy Peterman, Director of Materials Management, has to say about the platform: 

“OpenMarkets has unlocked new healthcare equipment savings that we never knew were possible for us as a small, community hospital. OpenMarkets is easy to deploy, and they make a concerted effort to to follow my purchasing timelines.”

Using an online platform to buy medical equipment is important for a hospital like Mt. Graham. Being three hours from the nearest airport, it’s the type of community hospital critical to patient care access, yet hard to reach for sales reps and product educators. Instead of having to wait days to meet a sales rep at their facility just to get initial product options, the team at Mt. Graham was able to upload a request for the beds to OpenMarkets and wait just a few hours for quotes to start coming in. 

About the Beds:

Linet’s new AVE 2 beds have been widely adopted due to their innovative features and benefits. Perfectly suited for labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum, the revolutionary design of the AVE 2 brings a new level of comfort and efficiency to every phase of childbirth. The AVE 2 has many features that make the birthing process easier for both mother and the medical staff. Thanks to its broad range of accessories and positions, the patient has the ability to choose a delivery method that best suits her birthing plan. 

About Linet: 

Linet Americas was founded in 2010 and is part of Linet Group SE, a leading global supplier of hospital beds. The company’s success is based on innovations that help improve the standard of healthcare in more than 100 countries worldwide. Their diverse product portfolio includes solutions for acute care, post-acute care, and home care. Linet Americas is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and provides sales and service to over 500 customers across the United States and Canada. With more than 15,000 beds installed coast-to-coast, it is Linet’s goal to help improve the cost and quality of healthcare by providing practical solutions to their customers.

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Tom Derrick

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