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Since December 22nd, 2016, OpenMarkets, a software platform for healthcare capital equipment, announced the addition of 2 medical product suppliers and 3 healthcare providers to their network.  These new clients join the nearly 200 hospitals and 950+ suppliers relying on OpenMarkets for a more efficient capital equipment process.

Russell Medical Center, Weirton Medical Center of Weirton, WV and NYU Langone are the most recent providers that have signed on with OpenMarkets to better manage capital data and establish healthier relationships with supplier partners.

“Capital is a huge portion of the support system for hospitals,” said Régine Honoré Villain, VP of Supply Chain Operations at NYU Langone.  “Every day, new requirements are put on providers to cut costs, be expeditious, and provide high-quality care. OpenMarkets is an innovative solution to the capital process, and enables us to achieve and exceed those objectives.  They understand the challenges we face with capital and bring great value to our organization.”

Panasonic Healthcare and Boehringer Laboratories are the newest supplier clients that are utilizing OpenMarkets to sell smarter and gain access to actionable data.

“The growth of our network shows that both providers and equipment suppliers are committed to making significant improvements in the healthcare equipment market,” says Tom Derrick, Senior Vice President. “Economies of scale have set in. With each new provider and each new supplier that joins OpenMarkets, the benefits to all increase. We’re thrilled to welcome these new clients to our community and continue our mission to drive significant waste out of the healthcare equipment market.”

In early 2017, OpenMarkets will be releasing a new product called The Exchange.  The Exchange is an addition to their comprehensive capital platform that includes a rich product directory populated in real time, instant and direct communication modules, robust analytics and reporting data, and an interface to aggregate purchases and participate in group buys.

OpenMarkets is committed to growth by supporting a mutually beneficial two-sided marketplace.  The OpenMarkets platform is the first of its kind in the healthcare supply chain, revolutionizing the way equipment is bought and sold by providing all stakeholders with easier collaboration, automation and intelligence.

About OpenMarkets Inc. - Founded in 2011, OpenMarkets is a rapidly growing technology company reinventing the healthcare equipment marketplace with an emphasis on data, collaboration, and simplicity. We are changing what’s possible for buyers and sellers of healthcare equipment. Discover more about our technology and the power of our data at or follow us @_OpenMarkets

Tom Derrick

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