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Several exclusive equipment promotions are available now on OpenMarkets. There are three ways to see details and get access to equipment sale pricing:

  1. Simply describe your equipment needs here. You’ll automatically get the discounts if your needs align with current sale pricing.
  2. Provide your email address and learn more about OpenMarkets Bulk Buys, Promotions and Sales here.  Once you’ve provided a valid email, you will receive access to the detail on what’s on sale and how big the discounts are. 
  3. Log into The Exchange and visit the Resources section. 

To qualify for sale pricing, all communication with suppliers must be initiated on OpenMarkets. 

Q1 2019 promotions include: 

• Free desktop scanners from Canon 

• Discounts and free shipping on floor scrubbers and burnishers fromTelemetry HC

• Ultrasounds from Mindray 

• Surgical drills and saws from Surgical Direct 

• Vascular tables and surgical lights from Image Diagnostics 

To see more details on the sales, bulk buys, and promotions available, you canlog in and visit the Resources section of The Exchange. If you’re not yet a user of The Exchange, simply describe the equipment you need here or learn more about current promotions here

Please let us know if you’d like to see a specific product on sale soon! We’d be happy to try and build a promotion around your needs. 

Call our team anytime at 866-447-3270 or with questions.