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Today’s OR leaders must ensure all workflows and equipment are delivering a positive impact in relation to efficiency, safety, cost, space and sustainability. These factors are especially important, and often overlooked, when examining surgical fluid collection and disposal systems.

Serres’ experience powering more than 40,000 cases each day has led them to develop updated solutions that vary based on the amount of fluid collected. Rather than use the same system for every case, Serres has found that efficiency, safety, cost, space and sustainability are heightened when solutions are optimized specifically for the amount of fluid volume produced by each surgery.

These findings and more are detailed in a new white paper, available here. If you’re considering the Stryker Neptune as a solution for surgical waste evacuation - then you simply must have a read of this white paper to fully understand how a complementary Serres Nemo can help your organization save money and operate a greener OR.

Be on the lookout for these three key takeaways:

  • Approximately 2/3 of all cases produce less than 2 canisters of fluid waste, and would be considered low fluid volume surgical cases. These cases require a closed collection and disposal process that is more efficient than a high volume disposal system.
  • Many healthcare facilities are overusing fluid collection and disposal systems designed for high fluid volume cases, which is both costly and wasteful.
  • Disposing of filled canisters as red bag waste can contribute to unnecessary costs and OR turnover inefficiencies.

We’d love to connect you to Serres and help your organization understand if the Nemo is the right equipment for your OR. Simply let us know what your surgical equipment needs are here and we’ll connect you, online, to the Serres team. 

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