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Telemetry HC offers a variety of Nilfisk products that can make the process of cleaning your facilities so much easier. OpenMarkets is a great place to connect with Telemetry and other Suppliers like them because of how quick and easy it makes the buying process. Instead of having to sift through emails and voicemails, providers can compare quotes side by side from multiple suppliers at once on one platform.

Nilfisk offers three different brands of cleaners that benefit the end users in different ways. Advance offers the most options; Clarke offers high quality at a low price; and Viper offers reliable, basic products at a low cost. With multiple options from the three brands, hospitals are sure to find the cleaner that works best for them


Clarke CA30 20B: AGM battery, 20” scrub path, 10.5 gallon solution tank. Available with pad holder or brush. 

Clarke CA60: 16 gal solution tank, 20” disc or 20” or 24” BOOST options. Wet or maintenance free AGM batteries, onboard charger, pad holder, pad assist or traction drive. (BOOST is orbital scrubbing at a 2,250 rpm). BOOST models can strip floors without chemicals. 

Floor Machines

Clarke CFP Pro 17HD & 20HD: 17” or 20” cleaning path, 175 rpm, 1.5 hp motor, 50ft cord. 

Advance FM810 ST & XP: 14” x 20” pad, 1.5 hp motor, 3,540 orbit speed, 50ft cord, three 21lbs weights, optional dust containment kits, optional solution tank kit and optional baseboard cleaner for XP.


Clarke Ultra Speed Series 1500DC & 2000DC: 20” burnishing path, 1,500 rpm for 1500DC model and 2,000 rpm for 2000DC model. Very quiet 66 – 67 dB A for noise sensitive areas

All Purpose Cleaners

Advance All Cleaner XP: 12 gal solution tank, 15ft solution hose length, 12ft blower hose, 2-stage 900W motor. 

Clarke TFC 400: 20 gallon solution tank, Application flow 400 psi, 2 stage 900 Watt vacuum motor, 25ft cord


Advance Terra 28B: AGM battery, 28” sweep path, dust control, onboard charger. 

Advance SW900: Wet or AGM battery, 33” sweep path (optional left side broom increases path to 41”), 420 rpm main broom speed 

Advance Terra 4300B: Rider, 46” sweep path, 20% gradeability while sweeping, over 81,000 sq. ft. per hour, 94” turning radius.