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Dr. David Habib, the Associate Chief Medical Officer for the Supply Chain at Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), led the second broadcast in an ongoing education series aimed at improving the healthcare capital equipment procurement process. The broadcast recording is now available for viewing.

During the hour-long broadcast, Dr. Habib–who was joined by OpenMarkets Co-Founder and Senior VP Tom Derrick—recounted how MUSC has changed its capital process over the years, and in turn created a new process that stressed operational efficiency and collaboration. In the second half of the presentation, Dr. Habib shows how the new process created a robust data set, enabling better communication and working relationships with suppliers.

In the past, Dr. Habib said MUSC handled the capital process by employing a centralized approach. However, as MUSC’s organizational structure grew, this centralized approach created disorganization, a breakdown in communication, and unintended limitations. The presentations to MUSC’s board about which capital projects to approve and invest in were of varying quality, Habib said. So, projects were needed, but were scored very low and therefore were not getting funded.   

“The rigid approach didn’t work,” said Habib. “MUSC funds 70 to 110 projects per year. Important projects weren’t getting to the top of the list, and that isn’t right for an organization this large.”

To solve the issues MUSC was facing, they set some goals to improve their capital process and partnered with OpenMarkets. Since the partnership began in 2014, MUSC has standardized and automated the equipment budgeting and approval process, and created visibility that allows supply chain and finance to maximize the value of their capital dollars.

To learn more about MUSC’s strategy, process, and results, view the broadcast recording.

OpenMarkets Healthcare Supply Chain Broadcast Series is aimed at educating healthcare providers on how new processes and intelligence can be utilized to save valuable time, better collaborate with suppliers and maximize their capital budgets. 

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