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On Wednesday, Oct. 19, Kurt Banas, MBA, FACHE, Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting, led the latest broadcast in an ongoing education series aimed at improving the healthcare capital equipment procurement process. The broadcast recording is now available for viewing.

OpenMarkets Co-Founder and Senior VP Tom Derrick joined Banas for the 60 minute broadcast, and the two focused on the inefficiencies and solutions encountered in working with leading provider organizations. Banas, a 15-year veteran of supply chain management, paid particular attention to the often overlooked capital equipment market, and outlined the leading practices on internal organization design.

Banas identified seven key tenants of the governance process, which he said is the framework for defining and managing business priorities that require formal decision making. The key tenants, according to Banas, are measurement, efficiency, commitment, engagement, values, accountability, and standardization.

A supply chain governance model is a critical ingredient in a well-run supply chain system, and if employed, a Supply Chain Executive Council not only establishes accountable leadership, it also enables strategies for sustaining savings.

“Improving your governance structure can create efficiencies for all stakeholders, including supplier partners,” said Derrick. “Providers need to not only continue to strive to better organize their own processes and governance, which removes complexity, they also need to promote this internally, because demonstrating and demanding transparency is the basis for elevating trust.

To listen to a recording of this 60-minute session, click here

OpenMarkets Healthcare Supply Chain Broadcast Series is aimed at educating healthcare providers on how new processes and intelligence can be utilized to save valuable time, better collaborate with suppliers and maximize their capital budgets. 

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