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OpenMarkets, as a contracted supplier partner for CHAMPS Group Purchasing, works to provide CHAMPS members access to buy, sell, and research equipment at no cost. Cooperation between CHAMPS, OpenMarkets and members was on full display recently in a CHAMPS Talks Webinar. 

This cooperation is key to helping members stretch their equipment budgets and get the right equipment at the right price. 

Why CHAMPS Members use OpenMarkets
The efficiency of buying and selling equipment on OpenMarkets gives CHAMPS’ members the ability to receive numerous quotes at once, eases the process of purchasing and lining up competitive options. This means savings. 

How to accomplish this was the focus of a recent #CHAMPSTalk Webinar. With operations administrators, lab manager, support services team members, and others tuned in, the OpenMarkets team walked through how and why 850+ hospitals and facilities use the platform.    

Attendees were able to:

  • Learn how researching on OpenMarkets saves them time from having to visit other websites and look up technical stats from dozens of reps.
  • See the voluminous product catalog of 32,000+ equipment items available on OpenMarkets and how searching on the platform is more beneficial because it is all in one place. 
  • Experience how simple it is to receive different quote options on OpenMarkets from multiple vendors all on one platform. 
  • Identify the process of selling equipment on OpenMarkets and how they would receive multiple quotes on the listed item.

Much of the Q&A regarded how and why selling equipment on OpenMarkets works so well:

Q: What does the selling process look like on OpenMarkets?
A: If you have any old equipment laying around, you can sell it on OpenMarkets and put money back into your organization, quick and easy. It is beneficial to upload a photo of the item on OpenMarkets as it makes it easier to communicate the product with a potential buyer. 

Q: How will I know when I get a response from a supplier?
A: There’s two ways you’ll know: via email and in-platform. Your Exchange account is linked to your email, so you’ll receive a notification every time a supplier responds to you. Inside the platform, an orange dot will indicate an unread supplier response.

Q: Who pays for the shipping costs?
A: When you buy or sell equipment on OpenMarkets, you are negotiating with and working directly with the supplier. You will set the terms - including shipping. You should negotiate with them as you would in any other medium!

To sum up, OpenMarkets is a no-cost resource to help CHAMPS members buy and sell equipment. We encourage all CHAMPS members to learn more about OpenMarkets here and to hit the “SIGN UP” button at the right-hand corner.

“You have equipment information at your fingertips. The OpenMarkets product catalog allows us to see a voluminous equipment directory. If you type a product on Google you might see terms instead of equipment and not get what you’re looking for.” -Lee Hillman, Manager, Provider Solutions