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Suncoast AHRMM Fall Symposium is the leading education event in central Florida for healthcare supply chain professionals. The event is designed to meet the needs of the entire supply chain team, and attendees will find the tools, strategies, and current best practices to implement at their facilities.

For the upcoming event being held on Friday, November 3rd in Orlando, OpenMarkets Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Tom Derrick, along with Kurt Banas, Senior Manager of Deloitte, will be speaking on a topic titled, “Leading Practice in Organizational Design for Capital Improvement.”

The presentation will give insight to the inefficiencies and solutions that OpenMarkets encounters in working with leading provider organizations. In particular, the presentation will detail the often-overlooked capital equipment market, and outline the leading practices on internal organization design. Additionally, Derrick and Banas will discuss how providers and suppliers can work together to reduce inefficiencies and lower costs for everyone.

“Improving your governance structure can create efficiencies for all stakeholders, including supplier partners,” said Derrick. “Providers need to not only continue to strive to better organize their own processes and governance, which removes complexity, they also need to promote this internally, because demonstrating and demanding transparency is the basis for elevating trust.”

Supply chain professionals interested in attending the event can register here.

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On behalf of Kurt Banas of Deloitte and I, we want to say thank you to the Suncoast Florida chapter for hosting a wonderful session. Big thanks to Peter Dolan of Adventist, Clinton Hazziez of CTCA, Rick Laird of Lexmark, Steve Patton of Medstar and Victor Munoz of Meridian for pulling together the great session and leading the chapter. It was great to meet chapter members and discuss equipment procurement best practices and innovation. And lastly, great to see three suppliers in the OpenMarkets community represented at the conference - Rolando Nunez and the Mindray team, David Brickle of CME and of course Victor at Meridian. These suppliers are truly working to improve the way equipment is bought and sold every day.

  • Tom Derrick, 11/3/17