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“The healthcare equipment market is in transition,” says Trevor Wood, SVP at OpenMarkets. “The buying and selling themes of the past are most certainly shifting as trading partners look to improve operational efficiencies with an eye towards technology. OpenMarkets is thrilled to stand at the forefront of this charge and appreciate the progressive providers and suppliers behind the mission.”

With this key context, we are excited to welcome five new suppliers to the community:

Konica Minolta: Versatile, reliable imaging solutions from a leader in the market.

Pacific Floorcare: Founded in San Francisco in 1946, Pacific Floorcare® provides quality, innovative floor care equipment to the healthcare market and beyond.

Bryton Corporation: Bryton has served North American healthcare facilities for over 30 years, providing stainless steel equipment, surgical equipment, case goods, and accessories. Bryton also offers a popular ReVive program, which offers high-quality remanufacturering of surgical tables.

Master Medical Equipment: Tennessee-based supplier of new and used equipment, with a 30 day money-back guarantee on all equipment and a one-year warranty on all parts and labor.

In addition to these new suppliers, Amico Corporation has renewed their standing in the OpenMarkets Community. Founded in 1974, Amico designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of products for virtually every department in the health care facility. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art products that facilitate the caregiver’s role in providing the best outcomes for patients. Amico has been in the OpenMarkets community since early 2016, and providers are using The ExchangeTM to successfully buy overbed tables, patient lifts and much more.

Equipment products from all seven of these suppliers can now be found on The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM.

Growth continues on the provider side of the community as well.

Russell Medical Center is a progressive, not-for-profit, acute care facility serving the needs of east Central Alabama. A member of the OpenMarkets community since 2016, Russell now will be using the full platform to budget, manage and approve all capital requests. This will drive internal efficiencies and open the opportunity for far better collaboration and 10%+ cost savings with equipment suppliers.

The past few weeks have seen a ton of hospitals and health systems begin using The ExchangeTM to find new equipment products, collaborate with suppliers, and ultimately stretch their capital budget nearly 10%. These providers include:

  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Cherokee Indian Hospital
  • Greenville Hospital System
  • Hanover Hospital
  • Johnson Regional Medical Center
  • Kettering Health
  • Madison Memorial Hospital
  • Martin Health System
  • NYU Langone Medical Center

As many are becoming aware, the OpenMarkets platform is deep rooted in the mechanics of the healthcare equipment marketplace with a passion for simplifying the process via technology, data and 21st century collaboration. In OpenMarkets, providers discover a seamless and simple approach to all facets of the equipment process – from search to budget - from budget to PO.  The supplier community, on the other hand, is energized by the access, visibility and data their subscription affords their sales and marketing departments as value from past partners has diminished over time.

“Each day builds an excitement for the next,” says Trevor Wood, Senior Vice President. “The enthusiasm surrounding our mission, both from internal and external stakeholders, is a powerful embrace of our mission but also a great reminder of the current inefficiencies rampant across the industry.  Yes, we are a growing organization, but we are also a learning organization and the continued support and knowledge from our community is our True North”.

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