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With thousands of types of healthcare furniture and TVs in the U.S. today, there is fierce competition in the market for hospital-grade furniture and TVs. This overwhelming supply of products includes cabinets, chairs, desks, recliners, sofas, TVs and more.

For clinical department directors and supply chain teams, having a simple, accurate resource for finding information on furniture is important. With The ExchangeTM, buyers can efficiently search through a curated catalog of information on every piece of furniture available in the market.

Furthermore, 17 progressive furniture manufacturers are members of the OpenMarkets community. The ExchangeTM features in-depth information, spec sheets and reference materials for each piece of furniture made by these suppliers, making it incredibly easy to search, quote, negotiate and buy.

Providers can access The OpenMarkets ExchangeTM and interact with suppliers any time, at no cost.

Simply visit to look at the 17 furniture and TV suppliers in the OpenMarkets community. Each of these suppliers is committed to finding a better way to collaborate with providers.