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OpenMarkets is excited to announce our newest equipment supplier, EDAN. In partnership specifically with EDAN Diagnostics, the OpenMarkets Exchange will feature products ranging from patient monitoring to ultrasounds. The introduction of EDAN’s products to OpenMarkets guarantees that our healthcare providers have efficient access to equipment utilized in every aspect of diagnostic testing.

Edan has five key product categories: Patient Monitoring, Diagnostic ECG’s, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ultrasonic Imaging, and In-Vitro Diagnostic Products. Edan’s mission is to offer the highest value equipment that improves the quality of care to patients, with customer pricing that is 30% ‐ 40% less than that of top competitors.

Product Highlights: 

  • The M3 Vital Signs Monitor provides vital signs measurements in seconds through a lightweight, portable design. Available configurations include Blood Pressure & Pulse Oximetry, or Blood Pressure & Pulse Oximetry + Quick Temperature.
  • The Edan iM70 Patient Monitor is a pre-configured, touch screen driven continuous patient monitor. Standard measurements include ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and respiration, with optional capnography equipment.
  • The H100B Pulse Oximeter is a full feature, compact, medical-grade pulse oximeter (hand-held) that supports both continuous and spot operation. Real-time measurements include: Pulse Rate, SpO2, and Plethysmography Waveform. Functional features include: Easy to read LCD screen, Pitch Tone, Adjustable Alarms, Data Storage, and compatibility with reusable & disposable sensors. 


In addition to providing the latest diagnostic testing technologies, EDAN has made significant contributions in an effort to support the fight against COVID-19. After realizing the key role that they play in flattening the curve, EDAN quickly responded by producing and dispatching 50,000 devices into more than 140 countries. According to EDAN’s CEO, Hao Zhang, they are providing PPE to the frontlines of the outbreak and assisting healthcare workers in their fight. Read more about EDAN’s efforts here.

OpenMarkets is excited to have EDAN as a supplier partner. Detailed information about EDAN Diagnostics products and 125+ more suppliers can be found on the OpenMarkets platform. Sign-up or log-in to the OpenMarkets Exchange today at no cost.