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Quality, reliability, and pricing - why choose one when you can have all three? Novum Medical Products, a leading manufacturer and provider of healthcare equipment with an emphasis on pediatric care, provides all of the above in their products. Their first priority is to deliver quality products and services to their customers, and this begins the moment Novum is first connected with the customer.  

Novum Medical launched their pediatric product line in 2008 and has expanded it to provide equipment solutions beyond hospital cribs and bassinets. They have 100+ products listed with OpenMarkets in categories such as beds (and accessories), carts, clinical chairs, cribs, IV polesscales, stretchers, and tables, and all of their products are American-made. 

You can be sure you’re getting the best with equipment from Novum. They offer an extended warranty on their products, as well as replacement parts for their products even after the warranties have expired. If a product’s design changes within 1 year of a hospital purchasing it, they also offer the ability to upgrade the parts of the purchased model to the most recent design. Novum also offers several other quality assurance programs like rental and replacement services, and has a nationwide network of sales reps at your disposal.

With Novum’s wide variety of products, hospitals can furnish their entire pediatric department with one supplier, making the whole procurement process easier. It gets even simpler when the purchasing moves online, instead of having to spend time and money bringing sales reps out to their facility. OpenMarkets gives providers a space to research equipment, talk with Suppliers, and get quotes all on one platform.