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Concordance Healthcare Solutions offers new and refurbished equipment to give providers the best value and quality. They carry a wide range of equipment, furniture and furnishings to meet the needs of any provider, from economical to high end designer furniture offering the best pricing available.

With 20 Distribution Centers throughout the US, they also work with providers when standardized on specific models with an anticipated usage to stock and provide inside delivery, set up, etc. Concordance provides value added services such as 3pl Logistics, Staged Delivery Services and installation for most of their products.

Concordance has almost 40 different products listed on OpenMarkets, spanning categories like analyzers, beds, cold storage, diagnostic instruments, tables, and more! With so many different products and categories, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with Concordance on The Exchange. They were able to help out a health system in Norman, OK with a request for a nerve stimulator. Concordance beat out 5 other Suppliers for the business, and the transaction was done quickly and easily on The Exchange! 

Concordance seeks to improve patient experience and health of the population while reducing the cost of care. They bring a legacy of personalized service to address the unique needs of their customers across the continuum of care.

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