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First time wins with OpenMarkets are always exciting! Peter Pepper Products, a manufacturer of equipment accessories based in Compton, CA, completed their first ever transaction with Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters (CHKD) in Norfolk, VA this week! This first ever transaction was online through the OpenMarkets Exchange.

CHKD submitted a request for 190 coat hooks for the general lab department and Peter Pepper Products was one of two suppliers the hospital connected with. The rep was able to discuss the product online and send an additional quote to reflect delivery details. The whole process took less than two weeks from the initial request to PO.

With a product so small and simple as coat hooks, it made sense for CHKD to buy online. Going through The Exchange allowed them to buy from a supplier across the country without the need for a sales rep to make the trek to the hospital in person. 

CHKD uses OpenMarkets in a variety of ways – the platform helps them get approvals, connect with suppliers, and buy the right equipment at the right price. 

Based in California, Peter Pepper Products is a small business that offers a diverse selection of equipment accessories. They offer various products in the Furniture & Fixture category, such as clocks, hat and coat hooks, patient information boards, and trash containers. The opportunity to meet and begin establishing a relationship with CHKD - a hospital thousands of miles away - simply wasn’t possible before they met on the OpenMarkets Exchange. 

The end result is two happy organizations and a whole lot more efficiency.  


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