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Virtually every healthcare provider will buy ultrasounds in the coming year, but with more than 245 different ultrasound products on the market today, how is a buyer to know they’re approaching this important purchase in the right way? That’s the question on the table for the first monthly broadcast of 2018 in the OpenMarkets education series for healthcare supply chain leaders.

Industry experts from Philips Healthcare, Mindray and Konica Minota will join Tom Derrick, co-founder and senior vice president at Open Markets for an educational roundtable, titled “Understanding the Ultrasound Market,” slated for Thursday, January 18 at noon E.S.T. The discussion will address how to break down the market using proprietary OpenMarkets data, as well as identifying value analysis strategies and weighing the pros and cons of standardization.

The global ultrasound market is segmented based on products, application and technology. Within products, the market splits between portable devices like trolley/cart-based devices and handheld ultrasound devices, and larger, display devices offering both black-and-white and color display. The handheld ultrasound segment is anticipated to show


 growth by 2022 due to continuing development of portable POC (point-of-care) ultrasound devices.

Research suggests several financial, technological and population trends are driving opportunity in the ultrasound market, from increasing expenditures and growing public- and private-sector partnership funding in healthcare, to miniaturization of ultrasound devices and rising demand for minimally invasive procedures, to an increasing global geriatric population and rising global birth rates.


The upcoming broadcast exploring the ultrasound market is just one example of OpenMarkets’ dedication to educating healthcare supply chain executives on how new processes and intelligence can be utilized to save valuable time, better collaborate with suppliers, and maximize their capital budget.


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