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The spotlight is on Sunnex and their innovative Celestial Star MRI Surgical Lights!

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sunnex is a manufacturer of high quality medical lighting with 40+ years of experience. Their lighting systems focus on ergonomics and flexibility, and key features of their new Celestial Star Surgical Lights include excellent flexibility, reach, range, and motion, and were designed specifically for use in MRI facilities. 

The Celestial Star Lights’ 114-inch vertical and horizontal display gives head-to-toe coverage, and a patented drift-free balance arm design enhances universal movement and placement. The lights are comfortable to work under, remaining cool instead of giving off heat like traditional surgical lights. 

Sunnex already has a success story with the Celestial Star Lights. The National Institute of Health has recently installed the lights, saying, “The lights are so easy to position. The surgeons are able to move the lights around perfectly. They are so lightweight, they can move them with one hand – to position the light right where they need it.” 

Curious as to the difference between LED and Halogen lighting? See how the experts at Sunnex differentiate between the two, and why this matters in healthcare.