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The refurbished equipment market is coming alive on OpenMarkets, as more and more health systems, hospitals and ambulatory care providers are turning to The Exchange to buy and sell used equipment. 

Ron Keefer, the Director of Materials Management at Southwest Vermont Medical Center, gives us a clear insight into why his organization is using OpenMarkets to sell old equipment:

We were able to sell product that would have otherwise been sitting around collecting dust until it became an obsolete item and discarded, or would have been a significant revenue loss because of restocking fees with our vendor.  I am looking forward to doing more business with them.”

Take a look at some recent success stories from buyers and sellers on OpenMarkets:

• Johnson Regional Medical Center in Arkansas teamed up with Monet Medical for to purchase fully refurbished GE monitors. After being connected with multiple suppliers, Johnson Regional received an attractive quote from Monet Medical just 2 days after making the initial request! This is the first time these organizations have worked together. 

• Good Shepherd Health System in Texas & PT Medical paired up online for the second time this quarter on OpenMarkets. In this second transaction, Good Shepherd sold ventilators to PT Medical (receiving far more than they would have with a trade-in).

• Kirby Surgical Center used The Exchange this month to secure great pricing on 2 refurbished Stryker endoscope cameras from Alternative Source Medical. In fact, they decided to move forward 6 months before their anticipated purchase date! Kirby was connected to multiple suppliers but ultimately awarded the purchase order to Alternative Source Medical after discussing product details and receiving quotes with their team online.

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