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A pattern is developing: hospital buyers on the OpenMarkets Exchange are putting in an increasing amount of requests for lab equipment.

With over 50 suppliers clamoring for market share, lab equipment is one of the most fragmented categories of purchasing. This competitive dynamic is most acute in Q3, as prices for analyzers, centrifuges, and general lab equipment are 2-4% less during July, August & September than at other times of the year. Right now is the right time to buy this equipment!

And OpenMarkets is the right place for providers and suppliers to connect, with the ability to research over 750 Lab Equipment products on The Exchange. Providers can get information such as technical specs, pictures, and concise descriptions of the products, all online. Providers can also access the secondary market for lab equipment on The Exchange, which can save 50% or more on any transaction. 

Supply Chain teams can use The Exchange as a way to stay organized and work collaboratively with their Lab teams. Hendrick Health System in Abilene, TX teamed up with VWR to buy an ultra-low temp chest freezer. The supply chain team was empowered by the hospital’s Lab Director to find the best value, and consequently received multiple competitive quotes after submitting the request on OpenMarkets.

Take a look at some of the Lab Equipment categories offered on OpenMarkets:

Category # of Suppliers # of Products
Biohazard Cabinets 17 50
Incubators 15 93
Slide Stainers 12 35
Thermometers 11 180

Providers can connect with Lab Equipment suppliers such as:

  • Avante Health Solutions – a single source provider of medical, surgical, diagnostic imaging, and radiation oncology equipment, including sales, service, repair, parts, refurbishing, and installation.
  • Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. – uses science and technology to drive treatment innovations that help strengthen the weak or balance deficient as well as recover performance of athletes after injury.
  • Capsa Healthcare – the leading supplier of medication carts, medical carts, computer carts, wall-mounted work stations and prescription tablet counters for the healthcare industry.
  • Clinton Industries – supplies a variety of products ranging from traditional treatment tables, power exam tables and cabinets to innovations in phlebotomy, pediatric and physical therapy equipment.
  • Direct Supply – delivers world-class solutions to help healthcare providers thrive and enhance the lives of millions of America’s patients.
  • Drucker Diagnostics – offers a full line of benchtop clinical centrifuges and SampleSafeTM sample protection lockboxes to optimally prepare and protect specimens before testing.
  • Faxitron Bioptics – worldwide leader in digital radiography, we develop best-in-class products for breast surgery, stereotactic biopsy, breast lesion localization and pathology. 
  • Heartland Medical Sales & Services, LLC – supplier of new and refurbished capital medical equipment specializing in operating and recovery room equipment sales, rentals, maintenance, support, and service.
  • MAC Medical Inc. – manufacturer of high quality stainless steel medical equipment
  • MarketLab – manufacturer and distributer of unique and hard to find laboratory and general healthcare products.
  • Thomas Scientific – Laboratory Distributor of Scientific Supplies, Equipment, Chemicals, and Safety items.
  • VWR – The leading global, independent provider of product and service solutions to laboratory and production customers.