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Canon/Triage Tech
Cres Cor
  • Order two or more units of any Cres Cor food service equipment and receive free freight!
  • This includes freezers, dish dollies, heated cabinets, ovens and more.
Direct Supply
  • Free Shipping on select Beds from: Panacea, Invacare, Joerns and Graham Field. Free Shipping on Panacea Foam Mattresses: Original, Support, Prime, Flip, Immerse and ImmerseGel.
  • $4,128 year-end discount on the StepOne Recumbent Stepper 
  • Take advantage of a $500 year-end discount and two IRS year-end Tax Incentives 
  • 5-year parts & labor warranty included
  • Thousands in year-end discounts also available on the PRO2 Total Body Exerciser, PRO1 Upper Body Exerciser and more
  • 10% off your next equipment purchase.
  • Available for a wide array of carts, cold storage equipment, furniture, lab products & suppliers, protective surgical gear and more.

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