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Susan Hudson, Capital Buyer at Cleveland Clinic Martin Health System in Stuart, FL, recently sat down with Tom Derrick of OpenMarkets to discuss how she saves time and money for her organization by working on The Exchange. 

Susan walked Tom through her process of submitting a request for equipment on The Exchange, both for purchase as well as budgetary purposes.

Q: How has your ability to save money for Cleveland Clinic - Martin Health changed since you’ve been using the OpenMarkets Exchange to buy equipment?

A: It’s helped a lot. OpenMarkets gives me a lot of information on what the products are. A lot of people who buy equipment are buying for the entire health system, so we’re not always familiar with all the products.  The Exchange is really good for me because it teaches me about the product, which helps me negotiate it better, helps me to save money. A lot of times, doctors and nurses just buy what they’re used to not because they’re not open to using a new piece of equipment, but because they’re either unaware that they exist or too busy to research them. The Exchange gives me the ability to research them quickly, and I’ve even opened it up so other people at Martin can request quotes and research themselves. This helps save time on both parts because it helps them narrow down what they need and let them see what else is out there so they can properly budget. 

Q: The OpenMarkets Exchange has a standard search bar to facilitate researching equipment. How do you use this? 

A: If we’re standardized on a product, I’ll type in the exact product name to pull up the details, spec sheets and images for the product. If this is indeed the product we want to get a quote for, then I’ll simply initiate the quote request from that page. I have also typed in something generic like “ultrasounds,” if I’m simply looking to research options and products in the field. 

Q: How does the information that appears in the product description help you and others at the health system?

A: It’s handy for us to see the attachments and product specs. With the spec sheets and the brochures being in there, I can pull that information needed by those teams. This improves the process, because otherwise I would have to go back to the supplier for the information, and that just takes a lot of time. It’s really nice to have it all here on one page. 

Q: Did you have to learn a whole new bag of tricks to use OpenMarkets?

A: No. The platform is pretty user friendly and self explanatory. I can’t think of anything that has given anyone any trouble looking things up in here - it really walks you through every step of the way.

Q: What do you think of the layout of The Exchange?

A: I personally like having everything on one page, because there are less things I need to click on to get where I’m going. Everything I need is there.

Q: Any last advice you have for other health systems who might be interested in using Open Markets to research & buy equipment?

A: Definitely give it a test and see what you think; I think you’d be happy with it. You don’t have anything to lose. It’s faster and easier than normal search engines that often give way too many options, many that have nothing to do with the product you’re trying to find. OpenMarkets gives you a much better chance of finding what you need, quicker and easier, and saves you time.