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With Covid-19 cases trending upwards in the United States, a return to cherished activities, like sporting events, concerts, and parades, is still distant in the future. Health officials have been working tirelessly to find efficient ways to disinfect large areas in the hopes that we can return to normal soon. A new partnership between R-Water, an OpenMarkets supplier, and decontamination specialist, Arvika Aerial Tech, a subsidiary of the Aviation Academy of America, will allow for the safe reopening of large venues.

As reported by Houston’s Fox 26, these two Texas-based companies are bringing together their respective technologies: an effective, fast-acting, disinfecting solution and drones that can efficiently deploy the solution throughout large spaces.

While most of the disinfectants on the EPA’s N-List require ten minutes to work and several reapplications, R-Water’s TK60 One-Step Healthcare-Grade Disinfectant kills Covid-19, MRSA, spores, and other dangerous pathogens in just one minute.

The CDC recommends using disinfecting products with the shortest contact time possible. This is especially important in large facilities, such as arenas and stadiums, and facilities with many surfaces requiring frequent disinfection, such as schools and hospitals. Unfortunately, the vast majority of products on the EPA’s N-List require ten minutes to work and several reapplications to ensure surfaces stay wet for the full ten minutes.

TK60 has been traditionally used by hospitals and extended care facilities in search of a faster, more sustainable disinfectant. R-Water’s disinfectant does not require reapplication and is safe for humans and the environment, making it the perfect solution to be deployed in large areas using Arvika’s drone technology.

“Using drones to disinfect venues across the U.S. is an exciting new development. Arvika Aerial Tech recognizes the importance of using a safe, fast-acting disinfectant for this process, and we’re proud to work with them to establish a standard for disinfection that hasn’t been seen before,” said Rayne Guest, Founder and CEO of R-Water.

Arvika’s Director of Health and Safety will conduct pre-and post-application testing of high touch point areas to provide efficacy assurance and proof that the TK60 works, giving the operators and attendees of these venues peace of mind in knowing the facility is as safe as possible. 

“Our goal is to provide a safe and effective disinfecting method that allows us to begin enjoying our sports, concerts, religious, and other cultural events again,” explained Paul Woessner, Vice President of Arvika Aerial Tech.

Non-toxic, hypoallergenic TK60 is produced on-site at facilities using R-Water’s EPA-regulated device. The patented technology makes the disinfecting solution available on-demand and eliminates facility dependence on chemical supply chains.

The Aviation Academy of America, parent-company of Arvika Aerial Tech, originally installed R-Water’s devices in their New Braunfels and Houston locations to keep their pilots and students safe.

Kyle Bebee, Director of Marketing for the Aviation Academy of America, says, “Flight training is a very personal activity in close quarters. By installing the R-Water system and utilizing the TK60 disinfectant, we are able to keep our facilities and aircraft free from Covid-19 and other germs that could harm our students, instructors, and maintenance crews. Since we produce TK60 on-site and on demand at our facility, there is no supply chain issue, allowing us to completely disinfect continuously throughout the day.” 

To read more about R-Water and Arvika Aerial Tech partnership and their plan to effectively clean large spaces, head over to Houston’s Fox 26 article. Additionally, OpenMarkets highlighted R-Water and our facilitation between them and a Texas-based hospital in a blog post earlier this year. Check that out here.

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