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A new company in Texas has created an eco-friendly alternative to chemical-based disinfectants. And it’s rapidly winning champions in healthcare who see this as a cheaper, safer way to clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment. 

“We have adopted this technology for all facilities of Cuero Health because R-Water addresses the need for disinfection and cleaning, while reducing chemical exposure to our patients and the environment,” says Gary Loftin, Director of Integrated Facilities Management for HHS (Hospital Housekeeping Systems) and Cuero Health. 

R-Water, launched in 2012 and based in San Marcos & Dallas, TX, is a women-owned business with a mission to reduce the spread of preventable infectious diseases while reducing unnecessary chemical exposure risks to healthcare workers and patients. 

This ambitious mission is backed by patented technology and two simple solutions each containing just one active ingredient. 

“It doesn’t take harsh chemicals to disinfect a hospital,” said Rayne Guest, R-Water’s founder and CEO. “It may be shocking for many infection control experts and environmental services specialists, but simpler solutions disinfect and clean better. Plus they are safer for the patient, the staff, and the environment.” 

“R-Water is simple. Our TK60 solution is 99.98% water and only .02% HOCl, a highly effective germ killer.

“HOCl is the primary reactive species (the species that kills pathogens,) in sodium hypochlorite bleach, NaOCl.  Because our solutions are produced RTU, on-site, healthcare professionals are able to use a low concentration of this highly effective compound for their disinfection needs.  This eliminates the risks to humans and damage to surfaces they would experience by having to use a high concentration of bleach.”

For healthcare systems like Cuervo Health, R-Water presents more than just the environmental benefit of not having harsh chemicals handled by staff and exposed by patients. It’s saving them money. 

“Hospitals don’t reorder R-Water the same way they do traditional chemical cleaners,” explained Guest. “We’ve created a device called the TC-RU.  The TC-RU is simply mounted in the place of old J-fill systems, typically on the wall of a housekeeping closet. We hook the TC-RU up to a water source, plug it into a standard 120 Volt electrical outlet, and add pure salt to the device via a salt fill port. Internally, through a patented electrolysis process the TC-RU separates the salt to make two final, RTU solutions on demand. Your Environmental Services teams are able to fill spray bottles, buckets, auto-scrubbers, and carpet cleaning equipment  right from the device. These two solutions replace the majority of the chemicals healthcare professionals use, aiding in their ability to efficiently do their jobs.”

“Cost savings comes quickly, as hospitals don’t need to constantly re-order the costly chemicals. This is cheaper than the status quo.”

The second solution produced by the TC-RU device is called FC+.  FC+ is comprised of 99.95% water and .05% Sodium Hydroxide, (NaOH). NaOH is a principle component in many soaps and detergents for good reason; it is the ingredient that actually does ‘the work.’ The solution is clear and odorless, which leads to skepticism on it’s capability to clean floors, carpets, and other surfaces.

Guest gets a chuckle out of people’s response to the performance of R-Water’s FC+ product.  Often times, demos of the two solutions last for hours. “People of course love that TK60 kills pathogens so quickly and doesn’t leave any residues behind, but once they start seeing how FC+ works on their carpets and floors, the EVS teams start taking us to all the areas in their facilities that are challenging for them to keep visually clean, because patient satisfaction tends to also be determined by this factor.”

“I really get a kick out of the look of disbelief people have on their faces when they see both solutions work so well,” says Guest.  “Often times our biggest hurdle is that our product seems too good to be true, but once they see them perform, it changes the game.”1    

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