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Norman Regional Health System recently collaborated with OpenMarkets to improve its purchasing process. Prior to working with OpenMarkets, the hospital purchased their equipment sporadically and by department or facility. Now, Norman Regional Health System is bundling its purchases, allowing them to lower costs and improve patient care. And in a story featured in Modern Healthcare, John Kott, Director of Supply Chain at Norman Regional Health System, details the project and how working with OpenMarkets provided a better purchasing experience.

“Instead of buying one and two equipment orders here and there, we want to bundle them together to act strategically. This approach will provide value to both the suppliers and our organization through reduced transaction costs, better forecasting and enhanced strategic alignment,” said Kott.

Previously, like many health systems, Norman Regional worked in silos instead of working across departments to assess the benefits to the hospital, both clinical and financial. Now, working with OpenMarkets, Kott can better manage requests, workflows, budgets, data and communication across the organization.

Maximizing collaboration is at the core of With instant messaging and a centralized platform to track files and communication, providers and suppliers can transform the procurement process together.

To read more about how OpenMarkets improved the equipment procurement process for Norman Regional Health, click here.

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