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COVID-19 has put everything else besides patient care on halt. Hospitals often do not have the time or the resources to properly record the process of getting rid of equipment. With little options and almost no time for the proper removal of equipment, disposal sometimes seems like the best option.

reLink provides you with a seamless removal of your retired medical equipment. reLink’s propriety web-based application, reLink 360, puts you in full control of your asset management program — from scheduling pick-ups to tracking your history to managing your earnings balance.

Many hospitals lose track of their equipment because they’re too expensive to maintain. So, in situations when certain devices aren’t needed, they’re stored away because keeping them in active patient areas requires routine calibration and testing in order to abide by regulations.

reLink leverages a multitude of technologies to make the disposition of your used medical devices simpler, safer and more streamlined. Providing recycling, donating and purchasing services, reLink handles all the details in ensuring that your chain of liability is broken. 

reLink’s medical disposition services prevent healthcare providers from tossing away old and damaged equipment, resulting in the loss of precious funds that could be used elsewhere. Their system of purchasing old equipment allows hospitals to reinvest that money instead of letting it come to a dead-end.

In addition to assessing and purchasing your equipment, reLink’s team can identify and evaluate all your inventory so that you have complete documentation of your assets and a clear understanding of its value.

With slashes to capital and operational budgets, every penny counts. To connect with reLink, head over to the OpenMarkets Exchange and request a quote. Sign-up or log-in to the OpenMarkets Exchange today at no cost.